Gower, Swansea, South Wales, SA2 7DP

Killay Fawr

Cider or Scrumpy?

Following the successful Christmas and New Year lettings it is time to bottle the apple juice which has been slowly fermenting in vats since the apple crop was crushed in a cider press last September and October.

Fruit crops in general were abundant last year-as a result I guess of particularly fine summer weather-and the orchard in the garden at Killay Fawr was no exception.

So we now have between thirty and forty litres of cider – or should I call it scrumpy? It has certainly fermented and is stronger and less sweet than most cider you will buy in a shop. It has a subtle taste but one person who drank it recently started slurring his speech after one glass, so although it tastes very nice it is deceptively strong!

Let’s hope the fruit harvest this year is as good as it was last year and we can make more cider as well as scrumpy.