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Killay Fawr

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Pre-Revolution Russian Coin

This 10 kopek Russian coin which is not much bigger than a five pence piece was found in a field in front of the farm by a metal detectorist.

Early Morning Sunrise Killay Fawr

It’s Getting Colder & Christmas Is Coming

Sheep return to the main field.

Red Arrows Aerobatic Display 1st & 2nd July 2017

During the first weekend of July we enjoyed a fantastic aerobatic display by the Red Arrows and other military jets including the Typhoon as you can see from these pictures taken from the garden at Killay Fawr.

Blooming Laburnum

It is the time of year when this tree on the edge of the garden dramatically, but all too briefly, comes into bloom.

Sheep Arrival

As autumn comes so a new herd of sheep arrives in the large field in front of Killay Fawr for a few months stay. The herd could be gone by Xmas so come soon if you want to see them.

Parachuting From Swansea Airport Last Autumn

I am often asked about activities that are available near Killay Fawr.

Here is one that takes place a mile away in Swansea Airport. This picture was taken late last September at the weekend when scores of people went parachuting, many for the first time. You too can join them. Please find the link on the What To Do page.

Cider or Scrumpy?

Following the successful Christmas and New Year lettings it is time to bottle the apple juice which has been slowly fermenting in vats since the apple crop was crushed in a cider press last September and October.

Fruit crops in general were abundant last year-as a result I guess of particularly fine summer weather-and the orchard in the garden at Killay Fawr was no exception.

So we now have between thirty and forty litres of cider – or should I call it scrumpy? It has certainly fermented and is stronger and less sweet than most cider you will buy in a shop. It has a subtle taste but one person who drank it recently started slurring his speech after one glass, so although it tastes very nice it is deceptively strong!

Let’s hope the fruit harvest this year is as good as it was last year and we can make more cider as well as scrumpy.

Autumn Harvest

Following a successful visit by a Visit Wales tourist officer at the end of September who reaffirmed our four star grading, work began last weekend to turn the abundant quantity of apples in the orchard into cider. Using a traditional cider press we squeezed over 25 litres of juice out of hundreds of apples. This juice will now hopefully turn into some cider in time for Christmas.

Ghosts or Plumbing?

I have received another email from a guest who stayed in 2009. She reminded me of an email she sent just after her visit in which she said her family had a lovely time but also a strange experience on their last night. She was lying in bed about to go to sleep on the second floor when she thought she heard light footsteps ascending the stairs followed immediately by a very loud rumbling sound which lasted for only four or five seconds. This made her get out of bed and go out onto the landing. Her parents who had been sitting in the living room on the ground floor were also alarmed by the noise and came out into the hall. When her family now meet they refer with fascination to this shared ghostly experience!

There is however a possible rational explanation.

We discovered in 2011 that there was a leak in the boiler which had been causing both a drop in the water pressure and the entry of air into the underfloor heating and hot water system. We replaced the boiler and we have not received any further reports of strange or ghostly sounds coming from within the building.

Should anyone now report hearing footsteps or rumblings there can only be one explanation…….the house is haunted. Keep us posted!

Is Killay Fawr haunted?

We received an email last month from a young woman who stayed at Killay Fawr for her sister’s hen party in the autumn of 2010 asking if the house is haunted. Lights flickered, footsteps were heard, and a door lock clicked on its own according to this lady. Please let us know if you encountered a ghost or had similar experiences during your stay.

Rhossili Is Best

Trip Advisor has named Rhossili beach as the third best in Europe. As their first and second choices are in mainland Europe that makes Rhossili the best in Britain.