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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Ghosts or Plumbing?

I have received another email from a guest who stayed in 2009. She reminded me of an email she sent just after her visit in which she said her family had a lovely time but also a strange experience on their last night. She was lying in bed about to go to sleep on the second floor when she thought she heard light footsteps ascending the stairs followed immediately by a very loud rumbling sound which lasted for only four or five seconds. This made her get out of bed and go out onto the landing. Her parents who had been sitting in the living room on the ground floor were also alarmed by the noise and came out into the hall. When her family now meet they refer with fascination to this shared ghostly experience!

There is however a possible rational explanation.

We discovered in 2011 that there was a leak in the boiler which had been causing both a drop in the water pressure and the entry of air into the underfloor heating and hot water system. We replaced the boiler and we have not received any further reports of strange or ghostly sounds coming from within the building.

Should anyone now report hearing footsteps or rumblings there can only be one explanation…….the house is haunted. Keep us posted!